PENDENNIS – No, we’re not in Cornwall or Wales but just off the busy High Street of Staple Hill in north Bristol. Our building is in Pendennis Road – hence the name!

We are committed to the local area and community.



GOOD NEWS – in the Bible the ‘good news’ or ‘gospel’ is shorthand for the astounding truths concerning the death and resurrection of Jesus for our forgiveness and peace with God. It is the greatest news that everyone needs to hear.

We are committed to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

CHURCH – is a name for a group of people who love God through Jesus and are committed to Him, the whole of the Bible and to one another. A local church is a representation of God’s growing, world-wide family that lives by the power of the Holy Spirit to worship and serve the Lord, love one another and show and share His love with the world.

We are committed to God, the Bible, one another and the world.