Welcome!  We hope the site is helpful, but do come and meet us in person and experience the church in reality.  We look forward to meeting you.

We are a growing family of every-day people of all ages and walks of life united through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We seek to gather around, grow in, and go with the Good News of God – of who He is and what He has, and is doing, for his glory and for the world.

Latest News

  • TrustInGod

    We need a King

    How gullible we all are to place all our faith and hopes upon people and human institutions.  We get so excited about the person or...

  • Stuffed!

    Missing out?

    Pastor Paul’s April ‘Thought for the Month’ in our local paper, Downend Voice.  Whether you are a Christian or not, we can all have too...

  • Butale Project Logo

    Butale Project / Youth Service

    We had a wonderful evening with a visit from Miriam Sawyer from the Butale Project, talking to us about the charity that she set up Our very...